Race & Equity Committee

Who we are…

The Robinson Center Race & Equity Committee is made up of members from our community.  We define our community broadly to include current staff, students, parents, alumni, advisory board members and community partners.  Because race and equity work impacts our entire community, we believe the community should be central to the work that we do to advance race and equity in the Robinson Center, at UW and in the gifted education community.

What we do…

The Robinson Center Race & Equity Committee meets monthly during the academic year to provide guidance on the RC’s Race & Equity goals by offering expertise, resources and ideas to help advance our mission.  RC teams can bring questions, topics and requests for support to the committee and the committee’s work is then reported back to RC teams.

Meeting notes

Next meeting

April 20, 2020

Interested community members are welcome to attend our meetings. Please contact rcys@uw.edu for more information.