The Robinson Center was pleased to sponsor the cost of registration for interested students to attend the Wise Conference at UW this year. The Women in Science & Engineering Conference is a celebration of women in engineering that has numerous speakers and breakout sessions. "The day of educational and professional enrichment brings university, college and pre-college students together with faculty, administrators, and professionals." You can learn more about this annual conference here. 

One of our First Year Early Entrance Students said that "The WISE conference was a great place to hear more about other women engineers’ perspectives and experiences. It was especially interesting to discuss some issues that currently exist about a woman’s experience in the STEM field. I found these discussions to be both insightful and useful."

When asked about the conference, a Third Year UW Academy Student said that "I got a greater understanding of what my career might look like and how to overcome obstacles. It was really reassuring to hear from women who have experience doing what I want to do."

Thank you so much to the conference organizers who put on this fantastic event for the UW community.