Kayesee Schermerhorn

Early Entrance and UW Academy Coordinator
Kayesee Schermerhorn

I Am First Gen

Ask me about being a part of the first generation in my family to earn a college degree

Kayesee Schermerhorn (she/her) is the Robinson Center’s Early Entrance and UW Academy Coordinator. Kayesee earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law & Policy with a minor in Economics from the University of Washington Tacoma. During her time at UW Tacoma, she got involved on campus through advocating for First Generation College Students including creating the first ever, First Gen Graduation for the campus. Kayesee was also involved in the Race & Equity Tri-Campus Initiative, Student Activities Board, Office for Equity and Inclusion, various funding committees and multiple RSOs. Kayesee also received the Husky 100 award, so if you are interested in applying for that please reach out to Kayesee for application support or questions.

After graduating, Kayesee joined the CELE Center at UW as the Educational Equity Coordinator for the Riverways Program. During her time there, she lead a team of undergraduate students to Long Beach Elementary for the Alternative Spring Break Literacy Arts Program. She highly recommends all undergraduate students regardless of major consider participating in the Alternative Spring Break Program.

More recently, Kayesee worked at Open Window School where she managed their experiential learning and co-curricular programs for highly capable students.

At the Robinson Center, Kayesee combines her experience supporting underrepresented students in university settings with her experience working in gifted education. In her free time, Kayesee enjoys hiking, traveling, and trying out new restaurants.