The Amplifying Students Voices team is looking for high school and undergraduate students to propose sessions for our upcoming youth-organized conference on racial equity in education.  We would appreciate it if you can share this opportunity for youth to contribute to what will surely be an impactful afternoon.

Amplifying Student Voices: Conversations on Race, Equity, and Inclusion in Education is an event that builds on the work that began at the Robinson Center's Equity Summit in February 2017. In response to requests from youth in our community, this event is an opportunity for high school youth and undergraduates to plan, organize and contribute to discussions related to race and equity in education. We are excited to have you contribute your ideas to a larger conversation of diversity and equity in our community.

Genres of participation can include art, workshops, panel discussions, performance, and other interactive media presentations! Deadline for session proposals is March 15.

Submit a proposal for the session here:

Never presented at a conference before? Have questions?

We encourage proposals from students and groups who don't often attend conferences and we are prepared to support you to lead an awesome session!  Feel free to get in touch with us at

Interested in being involved in Amplifying Student Voices in a different capacity (e.g. reviewing proposals, planning, advertising)?  Please complete the following interest survey:

Registration to attend the conference will open on March 1.