Transition School

Transition School to Early Entrance

The Transition School (TS) is a distinctive one-year college preparatory program offered by the Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington. Designed to ready students for entry into the University as fully matriculated undergraduates through the Early Entrance Program, TS accepts applications during the 8th grade year, with the program commencing the following fall. This unique opportunity is tailored for students prepared to engage in college-level academics, demonstrating motivation to take increased responsibility for their educational journey. The UW Transition School cultivates both intellectual and personal growth among exceptional students from diverse backgrounds and communities.


“I love how TS provides a learning space with incredible instructors and staff, a rigorous yet supportive learning environment, and a group of passionate peers who feel more like family than classmates. It has allowed me to push what I had perceived as my academic limits and opened doors to opportunities I’ve never dreamed of before.

– Alexandra, TS Student

Scholarships are available.  We are committed to increasing access and fostering student potential among students historically marginalized and excluded from advanced learning opportunities.

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