UW Academy

What is the UW Academy?

The UW Academy, created in 2001 in partnership with the University of Washington Honors Program, is an early university admission opportunity for 10th grade students in Washington State. Every year, a small cohort of up to thirty-five academically advanced and highly motivated students are admitted to the UW Academy.  Students apply to the program during their 10th grade year, and if accepted, withdraw from high school at the end of 10th grade to enroll as freshmen at the University of Washington.  At the Robinson Center, UW Academy students find a community of like-minded peers and an experienced staff who can help them to make the most of their time at the UW.

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Recommendations for UW Academy

"The UW Academy is an outstanding opportunity for Washington’s most talented and ambitious students to launch their academic careers at a leading research university that values high quality teaching and is right in their own backyard."
- Ana Mari Cauce, President of the University of Washington
"I love being an Academy student because I'm able to engage in my interests earlier on with so many passionate college students around me. The college campus has every class, resource, and interest-group I've wanted to look for and I'm extremely glad to be able to branch out and meet so many individuals here. "
- Jessica Kuo, UW Academy Student

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