The Highly Capable Program (HCP) Handbook is a project produced and funded by the Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington. In addition, six school districts of varying sizes contributed to the Handbook.

This HCP Handbook has been created with one purpose: to support Washington school districts in the implementation of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-170 that establishes policies and procedures for administration of programs for the education of K-12 highly capable students [WAC 392-170-010] as authorized by the Superintendent of Public Instruction [WAC 392-170-005]. The handbook is available as a Word document file that may be accessed and downloaded for individual district use.

This handbook is a living document organized into eight chapters. Some give the processes described by the law and some are examples of forms that could be used by School Districts in their implementation of the law. You will notice that Chapter 6: Program Evaluation Forms, is a placeholder. This is an area in which many districts are in the process of designing and getting clarification from the State for what is acceptable. We hope that districts will send us their forms so that we may add them to this chapter when they become available.

Download the Handbook as a PDF

Download the Handbook as a Word Document