All Robinson Center Early Entrance Program (EEP) and UW Academy (ACAD) alumni (over the age of 18) are invited to participate in our 35 year longitudinal alumni study through an easy-to-take, confidential online survey. The study is the third longitudinal follow-up of EEP, and the first one to examine the impact of the ACAD Program at the University of Washington.  Investigators will explore impact as it relates to alumni’s personal, academic, and professional lives since they've graduated from, or otherwise left the University.  Findings will not only inform and improve the early entrance programs for current and future students, but will also contribute to a growing body of literature related to the impact of acceleration.

To take the survey, please email Rachel Chung, Doctoral Research Assistant, at, your full name, program, and year of entry, and we will send you the link to the survey.