Change in Schedule: November 18th is the new date for "Exploring Family Expectations and Student Success".

The first parent program of the year was a success! Last week we had 40 parents join us at the Robinson Center to discuss ways of supporting our children as they go through college, as well as adolescence. Parents engaged in many meaningful conversations and shared valuable experiences with one another. Remember to join us for our next parent program on Tuesday, October 28th, where we will focus on communicating with your college students. We hope to see you, then!


"Communicating with Coeds"

Tuesday, October 28th at 6:30 PM

How do I talk to my college-aged child? Although the transition to college may imply more space and independence, strong family relationships continue to play a major role in your children's life. Parents can exchange methods of discussing both common and difficult topics with their young scholars.


"Exploring Family Expectations and Student Success"

Tuesday, November 18th at 6:30 PM

How do different cultural and family expectations impact student views of success? Students may measure their own success based on academic performance, content learned in courses, social growth, or happiness. Parents can have open discussion to explore these issues.

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