We wanted you to know about an upcoming opportunity for prospective students to ask questions and receive support for the UW Academy applications process. On Monday, January 21st (MLK Day), prospective UW Academy students are invited to join current UW Academy students at the Robinson Center (UW Seattle, Guggenheim Annex) from 1:00 - 3:00 PM to receive help with the UW Academy application process. This is a drop in event, so it is fine to arrive late or only come for a short time.

This event is specifically for students who need one or more of the following:

· Access to a computer to work on their application

· Assistance with application instructions 

· Brainstorming or proofreading essays (especially for students where English is not the main language spoken at home)

The Robinson Center is excited to be able to provide prospective students with support during the application process.  At the same time, it is important that we maintain a fair and objective admission process for all of our students whether they attend this session or not.  Staff will be on hand to answer technical questions about the application process and the application itself.  They can help you to understand the requirements of the application and provide you with general guidance as you work to represent yourself in that space. Student volunteers will be available to provide feedback regarding both the application process and your essay writing.  They can provide proofreading and constructive criticism about your application writing and provide a “sounding board” for your ideas.

Please RSVP here if you would like to participate.

Please Note: This event is specifically for prospective students in 10th grade. Parents are not expected to participate.