Congratulations to UW Academy student, Isabelle Tully, one of three students selected as this year's President's Medalists!  The committee considers high GPA, rigor of classes and number of Honors courses when determining its recipients, and Isabelle was awarded as the Sophomore Medalist.  Isabelle has been an amazing student, mentor, and teaching assistant at the Robinson Center and in just a short time she has had a great and positive impact on our community!

Read more about Isabelle below and on the Undergraduate Academic Affairs site.

"Going to college can be daunting, especially when you come in as a younger student through the Robinson Center’s UW Academy, which is exactly what Isabelle Tully did. However, Tully worked hard to find her place. “I live with a group of wonderful roommates and am so thankful to be in such a supportive environment on campus…. The people and opportunities I am surrounded with have confirmed choosing this path was the right decision.” The psychology major recently joined Dr. Lori Zoellner’s lab to work on Project STEP and Dr. Lynn Katz’s lab as a research assistant for a study on children who display low pro-social behavior. Under the guidance of Dr. Curtis Hisayasu and Dr. Henry Laufenberg, Tully discovered her passion for teaching while working as a teaching assistant for UW Academy students. This combination of research and teaching solidified Tully’s career goal: working in academia as a psychology professor and researcher. Eager to take advantage of the opportunities available at UW, Tully tried a couple of service learning classes, and discovered two wonderful organizations — Seattle Against Slavery (part of a class on human trafficking class) and the North Helpline Food Bank (part of a sociology class.) Tully’s love of experiential learning also led her to a study abroad trip through Italy, studying migration across the Mediterranean Sea, which she describes as “life-changing.” A writing minor, Tully hopes to one day publish a book of poetry in addition to her academic career."

Congratulations Isabelle!