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RC Online: Academic Composition

Academic Composition was offered in Summer 2020

RC Online: Academic Composition is designed as a ten week course.  Each week, students will complete a module, which includes a series of readings, lessons, peer reviews, and short assignments, leading up to a larger paper assignment.  The course is fully online, with no hybrid or in-person components.  Students are given full access to all lessons and materials at the beginning of each module and can do the work of the course according to the affordances of their own schedule.  There are, however, many stringent deadlines that will need to be met each week, especially the ones attached to peer review assignments.

In this course, you will be challenged to adapt your writing to the demands of college-level, scholarly expectations. You will learn how to address your writing to advanced academic conversations, and to design your work so as to participate in formal, disciplinary lines of inquiry. There will be substantial weekly reading and writing assignments, and an official grade and transcript at the end.

The workload and expectations of this course are higher than many high-school courses.  We will be moving at a rapid pace and it is important that students be able to devote enough time to stay up with the material and to practice the writing skills introduced in each module.  Though each student’s experience will vary, students should expect to spend about 10-15 hours a week on the various reading, writing, and thinking that is required for this class.

Click here to view a sample module, containing a typical workload and deadline schedule for a week of RC Online Academic Composition.

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