Pictured: RC Co-founder Dr. Nancy Robinson with Ruby Dawn Lyman, doctoral student in Learning Sciences and Human Development, at the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Annual Convention’s exhibition hall. The convention was also attended by our director Dr. Nancy Hertzog, research associate Rachel Chung, and academic counselor Kathryn Grubbs.
Congratulations to Rachel Chung, whose graduate research presentation, The Perceived Influence of Parental Expectations on Asian American Women Who Entered College Early, tied for first place in the Research and Evaluation Network's competition for Graduate Student Research in progress.
Also congratulations to authors, Maren Halvorsen, Nancy Hertzog, and Sarah Childers, whose paper entitled, University of Washington Transition School: College Preparation and Teaching for Transformation was the second-most accessed article in Gifted Child Today from September 2013- September 2014.
Enjoy the key findings discovered from the Robinson Center's Study of Early Entrance Graduates after 35 Years, authored and presented by Rachel Chung and Nancy Hertzog.