Welcome back!

Fall Saturday Enrichment is just around the corner.

Registration for Saturday Enrichment Fall 2019 session will begin Sunday, September 15th at 8:00 pm.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our popular Saturday Enrichment program. This year we have moved the opening of registration from Monday mornings to Sunday evenings. You can take this off your plate on busy Monday mornings by registering in the relative calm of a Sunday evening.

This fall will be our largest Saturday program yet. We have a wide variety of classes for K-8 students.

  • Our Mancala Club will continue and this quarter we are adding chess instruction. Both of these help children develop strategic thinking.
  • We offer a number of philosophy courses to encourage critical thinking skills in children (Philosophy for Young Learners; Ethics of Technology; Take Back Your Brain).
  • We have hands-on classes for students wanting to learn about photography, robotics, architectural drawing, urban planning, fiction writing, microeconomics, and public speaking.
  • Several of our new classes won’t be found in a regular classroom: an earth science class on the arctic environment today (Climate Change and the Frozen North), a literacy class on alphabets around the world and over time (Global Alphabets: Letters, Words, and Sentences), and a social history class examining the laws of the land (Justice for All: Investigation of the Supreme Court).

We hope you will join us!