Summer Stretch: March 3rd and Summer Challenge: March 10th

Check out our course listings for Summer Stretch and Challenge 2014!  From the physics of roller coasters to the power of poetry, we have something for everyone!

The Summer Challenge program starts July 7 and runs through July 25, 9:00-2:20 M-F.  In addition to our usual offerings, we will be adding a new writing course on fairy tales and all things supernatural!

The Summer Stretch program starts on June 30 and runs through July 31, 9:00-2:20 MTTh.  We have all our usual classes and are adding a new introduction to chemistry course for 7th and 8th graders.

Please be sure to have handy an uploadable document verifying your child's eligibility for our program.  PDFs and Word documents are preferred.  Classes are already up and listed on our website, along with more details as to eligibility and the application process.