While most students—across all grades and disciplines—were lounging around and sleeping in til noon, the new crop of Academy students got a jump on the school year by heading off to an overnight stay at Camp Indianola! On Tuesday the 15th, we all packed in a bus and set off for beautiful Camp Indianola on the Kitsap Peninsula. After driving, driving, a short ferry ride, and more driving, we finally arrived at Indianola and settled in.

It was a day of icebreaker activities, walks along the beach, semi-organized sports, and the new Academy students also had plenty of time to chill out and read in the lovely beachside setting. After dinner, the educational segment began, as the Acads related their questions, expectations, and trepidations about the upcoming school year. Thankfully, our friendly crew of current Academy students was on hand to field questions and relate their own individual experiences. We at the Robinson Center would like to give a hand to our fantastic counselors this year!

As night fell, we started a giant bonfire and participated in the customary s’more building and scary campfire stories. The adults steadily trickled to bed, leaving the new Acads to get into all kinds of shenanigans, which we’d like to call bonding.

The next day we enjoyed some scrumptious French toast and waved goodbye to our peninsular paradise. We all made it back, some sleepier than others but everyone better prepared for the upcoming academic year!