Watch this exclusive interview with the Robinson Center director, Dr. Nancy B. Hertzog.

WATCH IT HERE: Nurturing the Highly Capable Child


ParentMap is a local organization that provides award-winning editorial content, as well as resources for Seattle-based events and programs, "to support parents in their most essential role: that of their child’s first and most important teacher" The group recently asked our director to answer a few questions about how parents can support their highly capable child.

Topics covered in the video include:

  • Characteristics and abilities of a highly capable child that parents should look for and encourage
  • Basis for having your child tested — or not
  • Consideration factors for choosing an education environment for a child identified as highly capable
  • Social-emotional needs of gifted children
  • How parents can best involve themselves in supporting their highly capable child
  • Perspectives from gifted education that inform education for all children
  • Qualities that mark an exceptional teacher of highly capable children
  • Support systems available to help highly capable children and their families thrive
  • Cultivating autonomy and independence in highly capable children
  • And more