RC Transition School Admissions Calendar 2016-17

Admissions for the Robinson Center's Transition School close on Monday, March 20! All aspects of the application, including completion of the teacher recommendation forms, must be submitted by end of day March 20. There's only one more chance to take the I-ACT, so don't miss out! Call the UW Testing Center to register for the I-ACT next Wednesday, March 15!




Are you or your student not feeling challenged by the standard school curriculum? The Robinson Center for Young Scholars offers an Early Entrance Program to scholars looking to advance their schooling to the University setting. The most successful Early Entrance Program students are strongly motivated to fully develop their intellectual capacity, and are enthused to learn.

Transition School (TS) is a one-year college preparatory program for students intending to enter the Early Entrance Program at the University of Washington (EEP). This is not a dual enrollment program; students leave the K-12 school system to enter Transition School. Applicants must have completed the 7th or 8th grade at the time of admission. Candidates for Transition School should be younger than 15 at the time they begin their academic year in Transition School. Once admitted, Transition School students take courses in History, English, Physics, Ethics and Precalculus that are fast-paced, in-depth and accelerated.

Visit the Transition School program page for more information, including sample curriculum, testimonials, FAQ, and instructions on how to apply!