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The 2019-2020 Transition School Application is NOW OPEN! 

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What is Transition School?

Transition School (TS) is a one-year college preparatory program for students intending to enter the Early Entrance Program at the University of Washington (EEP). Students intending to enter the Early Entrance Program must successfully complete Transition School before they are admitted into the University of Washington as undergraduates via the Early Entrance Program.

This is not a dual enrollment program; students leave the K-12 school system to enter Transition School. Generally, students enter the program after having completed the 8th grade. Once admitted, Transition School students take courses in English, History, Biology and Precalculus that are fast-paced, in-depth and accelerated. Students also participate in service-learning during Spring Quarter, and take a University course during Spring as well.

The Transition School accepts 18 students into the program each year. Students attend classes at the Robinson Center on the University of Washington campus, starting at 8:30AM and ending usually by 3PM.. They also individually attend a weekly tutorial in which they work on study skills and talk one-on-one with a faculty member.

In their coursework, students acquire the habits-of-mind and the study skills that will be essential to success at the University. They learn to be responsible for their own learning and how to ask for help. We emphasize values of collaboration, non-competition, and community. Students are welcome at the Robinson Center throughout the day, and encouraged to socialize with each other. Our older students, currently UW undergraduates, serve as teaching assistants in the TS classroom, and also mentor the Transition School students via a TS/EEP mentoring organization.

For more information about Transition School, see the TS Handbook . Details within handbook are subject to change for the 2019-2020 year. We appreciate your interest!


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How to Apply

The online application process typically becomes available in November. Applicants must complete our online application . In addition, we require the following documents to be uploaded within the online application:

  • Grade reports from the previous and current academic year
  • Recent ACT scores
  • Two teacher recommendations (one from Math/Science, the other from Language Arts/Social Studies)

Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Once all the application materials are complete, and the application fee is paid, applications are reviewed by our Admissions Committee. This committee determines whether the applicant will move on to the next stage of the admissions process with an interview. The interview takes pace during a scheduled all-day visit to the Transition School, where the applicant and their parents observe classes and interview with Robinson Center Administration.  Should the applicant and family be invited for an interview, they will bring a one page typed essay answering the prompt, “Why does Transition School/Early Entrance seem like a good option for you? What motivates you to apply for a program that will lead to early college entrance rather than the more traditional route of high school?”

Families of applicants will receive emails through each stage of the process to communicate progression.



Applicants must have completed the 8th grade at the time of admission. Candidates for Transition School should be younger than 15 at the time they begin their academic year in Transition School. Applicants must also be eligible for admission into the University of Washington, and thus have either a U.S. citizenship or the appropriate Visa that is considered acceptable by UW Admissions.

For applicants who have citizenship outside of the United States, read more about our International Student Policy.

ACT Testing

Applicants need to take the ACT as part of their application to Transition School. The National ACT is offered on October 27, December 8, February 9; please note that you must register six weeks in advance of the test. Register either via mail or the ACT website ( When asked for a school code for the Transition School, enter either 481174 (if asked for a 6-digit code) or 9899 (if asked for a 4-digit code).

If you are not able to arrange for the ACT in a timely way or if the national test dates are not possible for you, you may schedule an I-ACT test here on the University of Washington campus. The I-ACT, or Residual ACT, is only for students who are unable to schedule a National ACT exam. The I-ACT can only be used for the Transition School application, and no other application to college. You can find out more about the I-ACT here.  Call or email the University of Washington’s Testing Center to schedule a test date: 206-543-1171 or Be sure to identify yourself as a Robinson Center Transition School applicant. Tests are given on specific dates at the testing center on campus at 1410 NE Campus Parkway, 440 Schmitz Hall.

This test helps us assess readiness for college-level work. We do not expect our applicants to prep extensively for the ACT; at most, read through the practice test and familiarize yourself with the format of the test. If the Transition School is the right educational fit for you, you should be able to take the exam without much preparation.

While not absolutely required, ACT Reading and Math scores in the 85th percentile or higher show potential readiness for college-level work.

Application Deadlines

    Complete online applications are due to the Robinson Center by 5pm to be considered for
    early decision. Applicant will specifically request early decision when applying.
    3.22.19 Early Decision letters mailed to all early decision applicants3.22.19 DEADLINE for REGULAR APPLICATION
    Complete online applications are due to the Robinson Center by 5pm
    6.12.19 Regular decision letters mailed to all applicantsApplications are considered complete when ALL of the following are included: Online Application Form
     Grade Transcripts
     Teacher Recommendations
     ACT scores
     Application Fee Payment

    Decisions will be made by June 12, 2019. Financial Aid will be assessed after acceptance decisions.


Cost and Financial Aid

Tuition for Transition School will be $20,000 for the academic year 2019-2020. In addition, families must pay tuition for the UW course the student takes in spring quarter.

For families needing assistance, financial aid is available. Once accepted into the program, families interested in financial aid need to submit a completed FAFSA to the University of Washington, and provide the Robinson Center with a copy of this document. If a student is eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch, submission of confirming documentation can also be considered as evidence of need.

Appeal Process

If a student has not been accepted into the program and would like to appeal that decision, they have two weeks to submit an appeal.  If you wish to appeal, please log into your account, where there is a link to an appeal form.  Once the appeal has been completed and submitted, and the required documents uploaded to your account, the Admissions team will reconsider your application and, if necessary, forward the appeal to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, which has final word on all appeals.

Academic Counseling

The Robinson Center provides a full-time academic adviser for all Transition School, Early Entrance and UW Academy students. This adviser works with the Transition School students throughout their time at the Robinson Center.

In Winter Quarter, our adviser teaches a weekly “U Ready” course for the Transition School students, which includes topics such as college registration, communication with faculty, campus resources, health and wellness, and other topics. The adviser also meets with each student individually during Winter and Spring Quarters to provide more information and guidance as they make decisions related to college registration, majors, University requirements and procedures, and academic opportunities such as travel abroad and research.



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