Summer Stretch

What is Summer Stretch?

Summer Stretch offers both accelerated courses (e.g. Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalculus, Chemistry) and courses for enrichment (e.g. American Literature, Speech and Debate, Physics of Robotics) for students currently in 7th through 10th grade. All of these courses provide an in-depth, intensive learning experience.

Registration for Summer Stretch is currently open and ends at 5:00 PM on June 11th. The 2021 Stretch program begins on July 6th and ends on July 29th.  The program runs for four weeks, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 2:20 PM, except the first week due to the 4th of July holiday. Classes are held at the University of Washington Seattle campus.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our 2021 Summer Stretch classes will be in person, however, some will be online only. Online and in-person classes are identified in the course title. 

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