My child is currently in 6th grade but is very advanced. Can they participate in Summer Stretch?

Students function best in a classroom where the age difference is relatively small, offering them an opportunity to develop friendships and make important connections with other students. Therefore, we require that students have completed at least 7th grade. Some classes, because of advanced content, accept only students who have completed 8th grade or above. Exceptions are made only for Algebra 1, which is open to 6th graders.

If my student participated in Summer Challenge, are they automatically eligible for Summer Stretch?

Any student, new to the program or returning from last year, who is registering for a traditional math course (Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus) must submit evidence of completion/current enrollment in the prerequisite course in good standing. See the Summer Stretch "Apply" page for more information.. For all other Stretch classes, if students previously participated in Summer Challenge, they automatically qualify for Summer Stretch.

If my child attended Summer Stretch last year, do they need to submit test scores again this year to qualify?

Generally, no. Students who have participated in Robinson Center summer programs in the past are automatically qualified for future summer programs. Please remember to choose this qualification option when submitting your application. Any student, new to the program or returning from last year, who is registering for a traditional math course (Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus) must submit evidence of completion/current enrollment in the prerequisite course in good standing. See the Summer Stretch "Apply" page for more information.

The math classes are described as “self-paced.” What does that mean?

All of our math classes that follow the high school curriculum (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalculus) cover a year’s worth of material in a short period of time. This means that whole-class instruction is usually not possible. We allow students to work on their own or, preferably, in small groups in class, pacing their coverage of the material and the tests so that they can finish the curriculum by the end of the program. The instructor is there to provide individualized help, occasional class lectures, and assessment and grading. Students who are most successful and satisfied with this format are those who forge connections with other students in the class and work together in small groups.

My child would like to take a Summer Stretch math class as a “warm-up” for the same course next year in school. Do you recommend this?

Yes. Many students take our math - and occasionally science classes - as a summer warm-up. While keeping in mind that it is a very intense, homework-heavy summer class, for the right student this can be very useful. We do not, however, generally recommend that students take a Summer Stretch math course as a refresher for work completed in the previous school year (for example, registering for Geometry immediately after completing it in school in June), as students are often bored and struggle with motivation in those cases.

My child would like to take a class with a best friend from school. Can you make sure they are together in the same class?

Since registration is online and classes fill quickly, we are unable to accommodate “buddy requests.” Summer is a great opportunity for children to make new friends!

Can my child receive school credit for a Summer Stretch class?

Summer Stretch students who want recognition from their school for the successful completion of their course should contact their school prior to registering. The Robinson Center is not accredited. Schools differ in how they treat these courses, and your school may or may not grant credit. Also, schools willing to grant credit usually require prior approval. Students should note that appropriate placement might be available even if credit is not granted.

My child wants to participate in another camp that will mean they will start Summer Stretch a week late. Is this possible?

Summer Stretch is very intensive and challenging. While we know that summers are very busy and it is hard to make choices, it is best if students are prepared to focus entirely on their Summer Stretch course for the duration of the program.

Where are Summer Stretch classes held?

Summer Stretch classes are held in different buildings across the UW Seattle Campus. Classroom information will be emailed to families in mid-June along with a packet of all the information you will need for the first day of class.

Will my child be supervised while on the UW campus?

Summer Stretch students are supervised from 9:00AM to 2:20PM, including lunch, by either the instructor or teacher aides. They are not supervised before or after class. It is very important that parents talk with their children about safety on an urban campus and plan a transportation route that is comfortable for both parent and child. The University of Washington is, statistically speaking, a very safe campus, but it is in an urban setting and so it is important that students be aware of their surroundings.

How should my child get to and from campus?

This is a very individual decision. Many students are driven to and from campus; however, some students are comfortable using city buses and light rail. If you decide to use public transportation, we encourage you to do some practice runs with your child. If they have a cell phone, instruct them about keeping the phone charged and on.

What if my child has an allergy or medical condition?

We will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs. Parents complete an Acknowledgment of Risk and Consent for Treatment form so that teachers and the Robinson Center staff will be aware of any relevant medical issues. You can also contact the teacher directly if you have further concerns. We train our teachers in EpiPen use and provide first aid kits in every classroom. We cannot, however, provide any medications to students without explicit parental permission.

Do we need to pack lunch?

Students should bring ample snacks and a lunch or adequate money to purchase food. We recommend that students bring their own lunches as often as possible as the lines can get quite long at the HUB during the summer. Lunch periods are determined by individual instructors, usually for 30-45 minutes between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. Students in the Stretch program will be supervised during the lunch period. Please note that students will not have access to microwaves or refrigerators, and campus food vendors do not accept cash.

How much homework is there in Summer Stretch?

This depends on the course. While some classes necessitate a high homework load (such as math courses and Chemistry) other classes can require less (our Essay Writing classes might require perhaps two hours of homework per night). Summer Stretch is an academically rigorous program and as such homework is an integral part of the challenge and the reward.

How do I request a transcript to be sent directly to a school?

A written request must be received from the parent or student allowing release of a transcript. The request emailed to our office at; we are unable to accept telephone requests. Please allow 5 working days for processing your request.