Due to unexpected snow dates pushing various schools last day to June 26th/27th, Summer Stretch will now start on Wednesday, June 28th. For the first two weeks, classes will be held WTHF from 9:00AM - 2:20PM. The last three weeks, starting with July 10th, will be held MTTH from 9:00AM - 2:20PM.

The RC's Summer Program provides an intensive, inspirational and in-depth learning experience for students who are ready and prepared to take on the challenge. We offer a rich variety of math, science, literature, philosophy, and writing classes. Class size is small, with a faculty who are experienced teachers and specialists in their fields.

The Summer Stretch program, for 7-10th grade students, runs June 28th through July 27th.

  • The first two weeks of class, starting with June 28th, will run WTHF from 9:00AM - 2:20PM.
  • The final three weeks of class, starting with July 10th, will run MTTH from 9:00AM - 2:20PM.



Summer Stretch (7-10th grades): Opens Monday, March 6th at 8:00am

  • Registration closes on Friday, June 2nd at 5:00pm.



We have some great offerings, old and new, that we are excited to share this summer! From Essay Writing to The Macbeth Workshop and Fundamentals of Speech & Debate to Number Theory, we have something for everyone! Click the class title on the Curriculum page for a full course description.

Summer Stretch Curriculum (7-10th grade students)



Click the "How to Apply" title on the program page for a full list of eligibility requirements.
Summer Stretch (7-10th grade students)

*Student grade is determined by the grade a student just completed (ie. if your student is currently in 7th grade, they will still be considered a 7th grade student for the summer program).

*Please be sure to have handy an uploadable document verifying your child's eligibility for our program. PDFs and Word documents are preferred.

  • Documentation for gifted/highly capable programs can include an acceptance letter into a program, a report card with program listed on it, a letter from a counselor verifying participation, etc.