Registration for the Spring 2024 quarter will open on Sunday, March 3rd at 4pm.

Course descriptions can be viewed by selecting the “Course Offerings” button. Click on the class title to read a full description and be sure to review the grade level requirement and class time as well. Students must be in the corresponding grade level of the class offering to be considered.

Applicants need to complete the online application. Students may select as many classes as preferred as long as the class times don’t overlap and classes correspond to the student’s grade level. During registration, each time frame will list the available classes. If you have a first and second choice within a particular time frame, you can rank your choices, with 1 being your first choice and 2 your second choice during that time. Leave any classes that you are not interested in blank (-).

Applications are accepted on a rolling, first-come-first-served basis. Waitlists are created for classes that fill. Classes that are under-enrolled may be canceled.

Please Note: The Robinson Center reserves the right to balance our classes according to gender as well as prioritizing first time registrations for any given course.

Appeal Process

If your child was not accepted into the program and you would like to appeal that decision, you have a week to submit an appeal. If you wish to appeal, please log in to your account, click on "View Applications" and locate the application. Once the appeal has been submitted and the required documents uploaded to your account, the admissions team will reconsider your application and, if necessary, forward the appeal to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, which has the final word on all appeals.