My child isn’t at the grade level of the course but is very advanced for their age. Will you allow them into the class?

We feel it is important that students learn best with peers close to their own age, and the curriculum assumes achievement at grade level. Therefore we do not admit students who are not at the required grade level.

I’d like my child to have this opportunity but I am concerned the class might be too hard. How do I decide?

If your child is interested in the subject and is at grade level, we encourage you to try us out!  Our teachers are trained to reach out to every student in the classroom and make sure that all students participate in the learning.

My child is taking more than one class and they are located in two different buildings: Mary Gates Hall and the Robinson Center in Guggenheim Annex. Can they be escorted between classes?

A teaching aide (TA) will be available to walk students between the two buildings between classes. If there is a free period between the two classes, we do NOT provide supervision; we ask that parents either supervise their children or, as part of a family decision, determine whether their child is old enough to wait by themselves.

How are these classes different from school?

Our classes are not graded, nor are there tests. Students are thus encouraged to take risks and be fearless in class. The curriculum does not follow K-8 curriculum but rather is designed to expose children to ways of thinking (whether it be about math, or philosophy, or writing, or astronomy) and give them an opportunity to pursue what interests them.

How large are the classes?

We limit class size to 16 students.  Each class has, in addition to the instructor, a teacher’s aide.