Once admitted, Transition School students take courses in English, History, Biology and Math that are fast-paced, in-depth and accelerated. In the Spring, students take one University course that they get to choose.  Students also participate in health & wellness, service-learning, and a college-preparatory course called UREADY.

Academic Advising

The Robinson Center provides a full-time academic adviser for all Transition School, Early Entrance and UW Academy students. This adviser works with the Transition School students throughout their time at the Robinson Center.

U ready

In Winter Quarter, our Academic Adviser teaches a weekly “U Ready” course for the Transition School students, which includes topics such as college registration, communication with faculty, campus resources, health and wellness, and other topics. The adviser also meets with each student individually during Winter and Spring Quarters to provide more information and guidance as they make decisions related to college registration, majors, University requirements and procedures, and academic opportunities such as travel abroad and research.