Admitted students attend classes at the Robinson Center on the University of Washington campus Monday – Friday.  Class schedules vary by quarter. The typical daily schedule is 8:30am-2:30pm with extended time for group study from 2:30-3:30. Students also have access tutorial meetings and office hour with instructors.

Habits of Mind

Students acquire the study skills essential for success at the University. They learn to be responsible for their own learning and how to ask for help. Transition School emphasizes values of collaboration, non-competition, and community. Students learn to integrate essential learning habits such as  analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and collaboration, along with college readiness skills like time management, organization and intellectual curiosity.


The Robinson Center is a great place to see old friends and meet new ones. Social events are planned throughout the year, and students make connections to last a lifetime!


We do not offer on-campus housing during Transition School.  We welcome students from across the nation and internationally, however, students must reside in the Puget Sound area during their Transition School year.

Nearby communities have excellent public transportation service to the campus.