Admitted students attend classes at the Robinson Center on the University of Washington campus Monday – Friday.  Class schedules vary some by quarter and the daily schedule is 8:30am-2:30pm with extended time for group study from 2:30-3:30. Students also attend a weekly tutorial meeting with an Instructor in which they discuss and develop study skills and habits.


Across the TS coursework, students acquire the habits-of-mind and the study skills that will be essential for success at the University. They learn to be responsible for their own learning and how to ask for help. TS emphasizes values of collaboration, non-competition, and community. Students are welcome at the Robinson Center throughout the day and encouraged to socialize with each other. TS will host several community-building activities for the cohort throughout the year.

Following successful completion of the Transition School year, students become Early Entrance Students and advance as fully matriculated freshmen at the University of Washington. EEP students’ support systems include an academic adviser, an academic coach, program staff, and continued access to the Robinson Center student lounge, kitchen, and sponsored activities.

After TS, students are provided with individual guidance in designing their undergraduate program to suit their personal needs and aspirations, and in fulfilling the distribution requirements for graduation. The first two years of undergraduate study are usually devoted to fulfilling University distribution requirements while also exploring the wealth of classes and areas of interest offered at the UW.


The Robinson Center is a great place to see old friends and meet new ones. Once a student completes Transition School and enters EEP, it becomes the students’ responsibility to monitor their own progress, to seek help as appropriate, to budget time, to study thoroughly, and to make use of University resources, such as the library and the Advising Center. Though the students become more independent at this step, the resources of the Robinson Center are available to them throughout their college experience.


As we do not offer on-campus housing during Transition School, students reside in the Puget Sound area with their families and until they are solidly established at the University, typically through at least their first two years in the EEP program. Most nearby communities have express Metro bus or expanding Light Rail service to the campus. Students must be residents of Washington State, or be willing to relocate to the greater Seattle area during Transition School.