Started in 1977 and officially founded in 1980, Transition School (TS) provides a small cohort of accelerated high school aged students an opportunity to enter the University of Washington by age 15.

Transition School is a one year, college preparatory experience that provides a pathway to the Early Entrance Program (EEP) at the University of Washington by rigorously developing the academic knowledge and personal skills to be successful in college. Transition School students are generally called TSers. Students apply during their 8th grade year and participate in Transition School in what would otherwise be their 9th grade year. Approximately 75-90 applications are received each year and a small cohort of 16-20 students are admitted annually.

Following the successful completion of Transition School, students become full-time freshmen at the UW, gaining access to the University's expansive academic and student-life opportunities. TS/EEP students typically remain at the University of Washington for the duration of their undergraduate studies, culminating with a bachelor's degree often by 19 years old.

* Students considering applying for Transition School must secure an ACT test date as soon as possible. ACT registration and test dates can be found here. Transition School does not facilitate the ACT, but receives the official scores following participation in the test. When asked for a school code for Transition School, enter either 481174 (if asked for a 6-digit code) or 9899 (if asked for a 4-digit code). The Transition School test code is different from the UW Seattle test code.