One of my teachers hasn’t filled out their recommendations for me yet and I’m worried they won’t finish in time.

You should receive an email every time a teacher finishes a recommendation for you, so make sure you have received emails regarding all of your recommenders. If you have not, politely remind them about their recommendation and about the due date of the application. If your recommender needs our email prompt resent to them, contact us at or 206-616-0561.

I’m having trouble logging in to my online application. What do I do?

Call our Student Services Team at the contact information above to reset your password. DO NOT make a second account because that will make reviewing your application very confusing, and could result in us marking your application as incomplete.

I haven’t taken the SAT/ACT yet. How should I fill out the Test Scores section of the online application?

Make sure to put your test date in the date field, and then put zeroes or ones in the Scores fields. We will match up your scores with your application when we receive them.

How do I enter my grades in the 7/8th grade coursework section of the UW application? Is it required? There’s not enough space!

If you took classes in middle school that you received high school credit for, then this section is required. You may have to contact your middle school for a transcript or grade report in order to fill it out. We understand that there is not enough room to put in semester grades, so please just summarize your grades and classes as best you can.

For my high school grades, what do I put in the course notation column?

In this section, the only notation we are concerned with is whether the class is Honors, AP, IB, or some other notation related to advanced coursework. Other than that, you can leave this column blank.

I am an undocumented student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes! We welcome applications from undocumented students.  Please read more about applying to UW here:

WASFA is used to determine undocumented students’ eligibility for state financial aid. If eligible for WASFA you will have access to in-state tuition, either the College Bound Scholarship, or the Washington College Grant (formerly known as the State Need Grant). For more information please check the instructions and information on the WASFA website.

Another resource is the national undocumented student network. You can find scholarships and academic/professional development resources for undocumented students here.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

Because of the unique nature of the early entrance programs housed in the Robinson Center, only students with particular types of international visas will qualify to apply. Since our students enter the university in a non-traditional way, we are, in some cases, restricted by law and are unable to admit students who are supported by particular visa types. Please consult our International Student Policy to determine if you are qualified to apply.

The writing section of the application refers to an attached “Activity Grid” but I can’t find it!

The grid referenced on the last page of the UW application does not actually exist in this printed version. Please make your own table, or list out your activities with a short paragraph about each.

I already paid my Academy application fee, but the online application is telling me I still have a $60 balance. What’s going on?

This is an occasional bug in our application system. Call the Robinson Center (RC Main: 206-543-4160) and we will fix the issue.