Chance Sims

Head of Transition School

Chance Sims is currently serving as the Head of Transition School. ...

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Reese Johnston

Mathematics Instructor

Mathematics Instructor for the Early Entrance Program’s Transition School...

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Elizabeth Metelak

History Instructor

Elizabeth Metelak is the History instructor for the Early Entrance Program’s Transition School...

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Peter Wilson

English Instructor

Peter Wilson is the English Instructor for Transition School...

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Amina Cesario TS

Biology Instructor

Amina has mentored undergraduate students in Italy, Egypt and Hong Kong...

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Melissa Deabler-Urben

Transition School & Enrichment Coordinator

Melissa (she/her) works as the Transition School and Enrichment Coordinator at the Robinson Center for Young Scholars...

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Maria Berova

Precalculus Reader/Grader

Maria Berova is the Reader/Grader for Precalculus here at Transition School...

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Romee Wu

Biology Reader/Grader

Romee is the Biology Reader/Grader here in Transition School...

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Dora Layanto

Biology Lab TA

Dora is the Biology Lab TA here in Transition School...

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Aileen Kuang

History Reader/Grader

Aileen is the History Reader Grader...

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Andre Ye

English Reader/ Grader

Andre is the English Reader/ Grader for Transition School...

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