Gaining early entrance to the UW

Through the Robinson Center for Young Scholars, students have two paths available to be admitted early to the University of Washington.

The first option, Transition School, is an intensive college preparatory program taught at the Robinson Center, followed by full-time enrollment at the University of Washington as an Early Entrance Program (EEP) student.  Students will apply their 8th grade year.

The second option is our UW Academy Program, for which students apply their 10th grade year.  They leave the mainstream high school system and fully matriculate as University freshman.

Students of both programs have access to the Robinson Center as a home base on campus throughout the school day, as well as Academic Counseling Services.  Parents of both programs have a community through our Parent Programs.

Our research confirms the personal observations of those involved in the program: Highly capable and motivated students benefit from academic challenge and from being with students like themselves. A collection of research on early university entrance may be found on the Robinson Center’s Research page.

The most successful early entrance program students are strongly motivated to fully develop their intellectual capacity, and are enthused to learn. It is this combination of ability and strong self-motivation that we look for in applicants.

Alumni of both programs remain connected to the Robinson Center through our alumni events and our Mentor Bank.

Early Entrance Programs

Transition SchoolTransition SchoolThe Transition School (TS) is a one-year college preparatory program offered through the Robinson Center...
UW AcademyUW AcademyThe UW Academy is an early university admission opportunity for 10th grade students in Washington State.